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TOMER (Tomer Orenstein) is an emerging musical artist, songwriter, and a model for whom music is the rhythm of the body, melody of the mind, and the symphony of life. Born in TLV, Israel, TOMER had an inborn passion for music and was inspired to create delightfully exuberating music from a young age. 
He has spent the last 5 years creating, writing, composing, and producing his first album. TOMER's first 4 singles (Vertigo, Superman, Tears, Heartbreaker) released in 2020/1 as part of an upcoming EP. 2 of them were chosen to the Universal Music Group "Spinnup" playlist. TOMER's YouTube channel has garnered 1.8 million views and his fans community around the world is growing day by day. TOMER World Tour started at Sep 2021 in Tel Aviv, Kyiv, and Los Angeles.

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